Within the context of Jerusalem Events 2017, Pianist Tuluyhan Uğurlu will perform his work themed “Jerusalem” in a concert at the Hagia Eirene Museum on May 12. Free Jerusalem Platform announced within the context of the Jerusalem Events 2017, which are conducted under the tutelage of Presidency of Turkey, a concert named “Jerusalem of the Time and the Time of Jerusalem” on May 12. At the concert, pianist Tuluyhan Uğurlu will perform his composition specifically composed for Jerusalem.

The artist also will accompany the band Mizac, a Jerusalem based music group, with his piano performance. At the same time a work that was exclusively designed for the event will be displayed. Mizac, which was founded by young musicians from Jerusalem in 2014, composes the cultural effects left on Jerusalem centuries ago by several civilizations. They compose the pain that Palestinians experience through occupations and exiles and combine it with the divinity of Jerusalem, its magnificent architecture and the soul of the holy sanctuaries. It will be the first performance in Istanbul for Mizac, which previously attended international festivals and organizations like “Layali Al Tarab,” “Jasmine Festival” and “Ramadan Festival.” Furthermore, the income of the concert will be sent to Jerusalem.

When: May 12

Where: Hagia Eirene Museum

Kaynak: https://www.dailysabah.com/events/2017/05/09/pianist-composes-for-jerusalem